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My garage door is opening and closing on its own, why is that?

Perhaps there is a short in the circuit board. If it is not the problem, the wall button and wiring should be checked, together with the keypad and remote control. Something might be wrong on the electronics of your door.

How do I program my remote control?

According to our experts in Gladstone, garage remotes can be programmed by either the dip switch and learn code style. The first just requires matching the switch inside the remote and on the back of your opener while the latter requires activating the learn button by pushing it twice.

Are there any benefits to getting wooden doors?

A lot of people choose to install wooden doors especially for residential areas, as they can be decorated to match the design of the house, especially for those who have colonial houses or those with older houses. Moreover they are quite sturdy and provide good insulation. You can also customize the wood to look the way you want it.

What are the most widely used brands?

Some of the most notable garage door brands are Genie, Chamberlain, Clopay and Sears. These are the names of some of the most reputable garage door brands that we install at our garage door repair company in Gladstone. Inquire about other well-known brands.

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